WilMarc Medical Headquarters

An Innovative Take on Workplace Design

WilMarc’s corporate headquarters was designed with the company’s green initiative in mind. WilMarc takes pride in manufacturing PVC–free medical devices in the warehouse adjacent to their office space. Given the large scale of this 92,439 square foot building, wayfinding was an important design element to consider. Creative patterns can be found in the flooring, guiding users through the space. Custom ceiling features accentuate and define work and ‘touch-down’ space from above using unique lighting solutions. Demountable Dirtt wall systems encase offices and meeting spaces allowing natural light to flow in while beautiful views of Long’s Peak are plentiful. This corporate headquarters is truly one of a kind in today’s modern work environment.

Project Details

3420 Precision Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80528

92,439 sf

Contributing Architect:
The Architects' Studio

Completion Date:
February 2019

“Luxury is in each detail.”


“Architecture is just art we live in.”


The Transformation