Retail / Wellness

Summitstone Health

A fresh take on health care

Summitstone is a calming, relaxing and modern touch on healthcare design. This space is full of modern furniture, bright pops of color, playful graphics in the flooring and along the walls to add to the beauty and natural landscape of the space. Users are allowed to both heal and thrive in the space, with plenty of access to natural daylight, private areas and communal spaces.

Project Details

1217 Riverside Avenue
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

General Contractor:
Delehoy Construction

7,067 sq. ft.

Completion Date:

summitstone office

summitstone blue mountain decal


“We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.”


Winston Churchill


summitstone waiting area

summitstone bed

summitstone bathroom

summitstone patient room

The Transformation

summitstone kitchen before
summitstone entry before
summitstone reception desk construction
summitstone entry construction
summitstone wood ceiling
summitstone addition wood framing
summitstone addition with wood siding