A Restaurant As Unique As Its Cuisine

This unique restaurant in west Fort Collins features inspiration from around the world in both its cuisine and design. Upon entering, guests are greeted with a mixture of materials ranging from coconut shell wall tiles, bamboo light shades and decorative panels encasing leaves sourced from the Amazon. A variety of seating is available, from raised banquet seating and dining tables to intimate round booths and bar seating that transitions to the outdoor patio with four large garage doors. The glowing bar top adds interest to the space and is mimicked above by a three-tier custom metal bar shelf. Artwork hand-picked by the restaurant’s owner showcases markets in Barcelona along, a decorative 'Tree of Life' and decorative blown glass flowers.

Project Details

2519 South Shields Street Suite 1F
Fort Collins, CO 80526

General Contractor:
Thunderpup Construction

3,265 Sq. Ft.

Completion Date:
February 2018

Simmer entrance

Simmer table and chair


“Design is about three dimensions and the five senses.”

Danielle Sacks

Simmer round booth wall

Simmer Bar

Simmer - Rail Deail


“Beauty is the harmony of form and function”

Alvar Aalto

Simmer wall art

Simmer Patio Bar 2

Simmer Patio - Bar

The Transformation

Simmer Exterior
Simmer - Old Dining Area
Simmer - Future Round booth Wall
Simmer Future Bar
Simmer - Toppings Bar
Simmer entry concept
Simmer dining concept
Simmer bar concept
Simmer - Bar Drilling
Simmer - Framing
Simmer - Bar Framing
Simmer - Banquet
Simmer - Pergola Panels
Simmer - Pergola
Simmer - Coconut Tile Wall
Simmer - Pano