Otterbox at 315 West Oak - 6th Floor

A corporate office with a view, natural lighting and open sightlines creates an enjoyable space

First impressions were key when designing this customer service floor of OtterBox at 315 West Oak. Upon entering the 6th floor of this newly renovated office, you are no longer welcomed by a maze of dark, narrow hallways and closed off views to the exterior. You are welcomed by an open space featuring a coffee bar, casual seating and a variety of meeting rooms. New architectural details and lighting bring attention to what was once a basic ceiling grid with fluorescent light fixtures. Throughout the entire space you are greeted with unique features that pay homage to the Otterbox Headquarters, yet develop an identity for this space as a separate entity. An important element in the design of this space was flexibility for a fast changing company, and this was achieved while allowing open access to the gorgeous views outside.

Project Details

315 West Oak Street
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521

General Contractor:
Brinkman Partners

4,640 sq. ft.

Completion Date:
June 2012

315 6th floor - meeting space by windows

315 6th floor - work stations

315 6th floor - booth and eating area

315 6th floor - meeting space

315 6th floor - corridor


“Beauty is the harmony of function and form.”

Alvar Aalto


The Transformation

315 6th floor -before empty space
315 6th floor - before corridors
315 6th floor - before window view
315 6th floor - before kitchen
315 6th floor - before metal framework
315 6th floor - before ceiling framework
315 6th floor - before metal framework