Education and History

University of Colorado Boulder
Bachelor of art in Philosophy

University of Northern Colorado
Master in English/Literature


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Run, run, run...

Twenty years ago I was just coming back to the United States after a year roaming around South America, learning Spanish and deciding each day where I would be next. Almost 10 years before that, nearing the end of a 20 year teaching career, I had re-invented myself into a national class distance runner who got to compete all over the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Norway. Eventually the running career turned into a coaching business: Anaerobic Management. Jon Sinclair, a world class runner and my best friend, started the coaching business online in 1995 and was certainly the first to do so. So the fact that I am now a CFO for Oglesby Design, during the last 10 years, shouldn’t be a stretch. However, the real surprise what meeting Dawn 16 years ago, getting married and subsequently starting Oglesby Design. It’s been a good life.

3 things you would take to a deserted island:

Lots of food, my library, and my honey.

If you were given $1,000 what’s the first thing you would spend it on?

A case of good red wine bottled in 2000.

You just won a free trip to anywhere in the world. Where are you travelling?

New Zealand