Education and History

Colorado State University
Bachelors of Science in Interior Design
Minor in Global Environmental Sustainability

Massey University, New Zealand
Undergratuate Spacial Design


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A Passion for Watching Spaces Come to Life

After years of constantly rearranging my childhood bedroom furniture, I decided that I would pursue an interior design degree at Colorado State University. The action of creating a space and watching it come to life has always excited me. I’ve also always loved the way that light can affect an individual’s mood and alter the feeling they get from each space surrounding them. The collection of five different lights in my room alone allows me to experiment further with this design concept. As I get deeper into my design education and training I have learned that I am immersed within a career that will constantly change as society evolves, thus I will never stop learning.

Which would you prefer as a second home: mountain cabin, beach house or big city condo?

Hopefully my first home will be a mountain cabin, with a second home at the beach!

3 things you would take to a deserted island:

My dog Hank, a nice raft and an iPod full of music.

You just won a free trip to anywhere in the world. Where are you travelling?

An arctic cruise to Norway