VFLA Architecture + Interiors has long been an industry leader in architecture and interior design throughout Northern Colorado and Wyoming. The full-capacity design firm is now about to become even bigger and better by merging with the Fort Collins-based interior design firm of Oglesby Design.

“The passion and experience shown by Dawn Oglesby and her staff will enhance and further develop VFLA’s already impressive Interior Design Department,” says Chris Aronson, principal architect for VFLA. “Dawn has always displayed a genuine enthusiasm for turning visionary designs into exceptional spaces.”

The merger, will benefit clients from both companies and will broaden the portfolio of projects taken on by VFLA. Oglesby Design serves a wide client base with award-winning interior design projects in the hospitality, hotel, restaurant, corporate, retail, and residential sectors.

“We believe the joining of VFLA and Oglesby is the next step in creating a premier regional interior department, that is able to serve all client types” said Aspen Zabel, director of VFLA’s Interior Department. “Oglesby’s experience and talent will elevate our already impressive team portfolio, to help VFLA become the local industry leader in interior design.”

“It’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone, especially for the clients we serve,” said Dawn Oglesby

The merger also marks a homecoming for Dawn Ogelsby, who worked for VFLA (formerly Vaught Frye Architects) from 1989 to 2003 before branching out to begin her own firm. While working at what was then Vaught Frye Architects, Ogelsby repeatedly proved that she not only understood the importance of good interior architecture and design, she pushed the boundaries of design and client services.

The merger further highlights VFLA’s commitment to bringing a multigenerational approach to projects — combining knowledgeable experience with forward-thinking innovation. The merged companies will continue under the name, VFLA Architecture + Interiors, with Dawn Oglesby acting as the Interior Department Principal and Aspen Zabel as Interior Department Director. Dawn Oglesby and her staff will bring their passion and expertise to make the combined firm even more collaborative and innovative, as they work to bring clients’ dreams to reality.